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BANNER ADVERTISING Very affordable banners to target your market!

Want to attract more customers? A banner advert running on a page that ranks highly on searches related to your market is what you need.

Banners can deliver interested people actively searching for YOU to your website !

Take advantage of the current 25% discount!
About Banner Sponsorship

Reach your target market and DRIVE interested online traffic to your website.

Visitors have proven interest by searching for, and choosing to view specific category pages. You know a) Where they live b) What they want Put your banner in front of them!

Banners will appear at the top of every page viewed in your sponsored category for the period you choose.

Category Sponsorship is affordable, simple and effective advertising.

Just choose the category your market niche visit and each and every time someone visits that category will see the sponsors banner.

Use a graphic banner or design your own. Pay securely. Get your banner running! Start attracting visitors to your business within hours. Watch your traffic grow!!
Discount Pricing
All pricing below is our Special Introductory Pricing

Liverpool has a banner creation tool FREE DIY banner design service!

Special Disount Pricing! STRICTLY LIMITED OFFER: all pricing will be discounted a further TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT OFF !!
Case Study : Property
An estate agency had their own site and knew from the Exchange classifieds advertising they had been doing what an excellent response rate they got from their ads.

Their own agency web site saw little traffic at that time so they decided to sponsor all of the categories in theProperty Section on their local Exchange site.

They ran two types of messages one designed to appeal to landlords and the other to people looking for properties.

As soon as the campaigns started the traffic to their site lifted .

They continued to sponsor the property section of their local Exchange for the next 18 months.

The Exchange banners have become an essential and important part of their marketing and are bringing them more success than other more expensive forms of advertising they had been doing.
Sponsorship is priced per section, per month. The prices below will buy you EXCLUSIVE coverage for the the section you require.

You can take advantage of our FREE banner designer service to get your message ON TIME, ON TARGET and most importantly ON BUDGET.

Banner Pricing and Availability
Cars & Auto
Home Leisure & Family
All pricing is fully inclusive and subject to change without notice.
Effective Small Business Advertising
There are many success stories of a diverse range of small businesses that now use the Exchange sites to attract much of their new business directly from traffic we send to their own website.

Many of them say they have now cancelled other more expensive forms of advertising that just weren't working for them anyway!

Covering a wide range of areas and interests the Exchange sites can and do assist just about any type of business be they Cleaners, Website Designers, Removalists, Tutors, Online Retailers or Niche Market Websites.

You will get results here and it's not only affordable but may alsosave you wasting money elsewhere.

Take a look at our pricing, try a month and see what happens.

You will wish you had done it earlier!
Supply Your Own Banner: If you already have a graphical banner, or if you have access to a graphic artist, you can use such a banner to sponsor a section of this site.
Graphical banners may be 468px wide, x 60px high OR 728wide x 90high. They may be GIF, JPG, SWF or any of the STANDARD technical formats. If you are unsure, please get in touch before booking your campaign.

Create Your Own Banner: Or, you can create your own banner in seconds.

Example banner:
Rent Buy or Sell!
Check Our Current Listings

Create a banner using the FREE banner design application you can select your own colours and wording. You do not need to know HTML or web design to use this service.

If you select the 'advert designer' on the next page, you will be able to choose the exact wording, colour scheme and other layout details for your banner.

This service saves small businesses the time and expense of using graphic artists.

And remember the 25 PERCENT OFF deal is strictly limited, so don't miss out.
Case Study : Employment
An online employment agency was having trouble attracting people to their website despite significant advertising spending.

Having tried the Exchange classifieds advertising for specific roles they knew they got an excellent response from quality applicants so decided to start a banner campaign. They sponsored all of the Employment section categories and ran one banner in Positions Vacant designed to attract potential employers to list with them and another banner in Work Wanted to attract applicants. Within hours the traffic to their site lifted.

They were thrilled with the results and did not hesitate to book another campaign.


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