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...have found two very nice tenants and will certainly use the service again when the need arises!

- D.M.

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Because, often, the readers time and/or attention is limited, the first few ads on a page get much better response than the rest.

We don't apologise for ensuring that paying advertisers who make the free ads possible will get far better results than free advertisers.

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The top seven reasons to grab a proven bargain:

  • Bold adverts appear more often and on more pages.
  • Are always positioned above free ads
  • May include a working web-page link
  • Allow you to add 5 pictures
  • The text is 50% larger
  • Styled to grab attention.
  • Show the reader you are serious.

    Bold adverts offer you MAXIMUM exposure for MAXIMUM results at MINIMAL expense. Try one today and see for yourself.
  • A picture paints a thousand words
    There is no getting away from the fact: People like to see pictures of what you are advertising.

    Your bold ad will feature FIVE large pictures. This is how your potential respondants will pick your advert out from the others. Your advert will look just like the one below! Your advert will get maximum exposure DIRECTLY amongst the people who you NEED to see it most.

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    YOU can have an advert which looks like this:

    ( Click on the photo to see the advert in it's full-screen presentation! )

    2-Bed Stunning House

    2-Bed Stunning House for sale. 2 Large bedrooms, one en-suite, large lounge, secure courtyard garden, spaceous fitted kitchen, games room, off road parking, gas central heating, double glazed throughout. Inspections invited.

    Bold Ad
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    What do I get for my money?
    Maximum Exposure
    More exposure on more pages, positioned at the top in an attention grabbing style.

    You can upload up to 5 pictures to your own web page advertisement.

    Link Support
    If your ad features a web address the (http://.....) link will become a functional so that visitors can click thru to your website.

    Bold ads are 50% larger. This means they take up a larger part of the readers screen. Readers can't miss your ad!

    Long Periods
    Keep your ads running for up to a year with no renewals needed. High performance advertising for the time period you need.

    Effective advertising ! Many satisfied customers know that advertising on Liverpool Exchange works!

    Be Bold & Stand out from the crowd!

    Did you know you can pay a small charge and have the spotlight firmly shone in your direction? You get guaranteed maximum exposure for your advert, by making sure that it is always amongst the first adverts the reader sees. You also get working hyperlinks in the advert and the option to upload upto five photos which are then included on your very own webpage. Add a touch of professionalism to your advert today.

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    Charges and payment methods

    From just 8 pence per day!

    Yes it's true: powerful online advertising for this incredibly low price.
    If you think this is cheap - that's because it is. Liverpool Exchange is able to do this because it's family-operated costs are tiny compared to newspapers & media-owned websites. Please see Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

    Secure Payment
    You can pay online , using our secure payment partner, PayPal
    PayPal are trusted by millions worldwide to send payments securely online.

    You can pay using VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

    Don't have a credit card?
    No problem! PayPal allows you to make payments from your bank account or debit card: PayPal
    It really works!
    Don't just take our word for it:

    My holiday letting sat vacant for a good part of last year. My property agent said it was `unavoidable` in this market. I found the Exchange website, paid the small fee to upgrade my ad, uploaded some pictures and had it booked for the next year in a very short time. I fired the agent! No commissions. Brilliant. Thanks guys.

    - Roger S. Confident Surfer, 17 August

    Check out what others have said:here

    Discounts and Pricing
    You will receive a DISCOUNT if you purchase more than one month now.

    In addition, FAST MOVER ads are EXTRA CHEAP and will get your property rented or item sold quick smart!

    Length of advertPrice 
    FAST MOVER 14 Days UK £ 1.75Just 13 pence per day
    1 Month UK £ 3.50Just 12 pence per day
    90 Days UK £ 9.00Just 10 pence per day
    180 Days UK £ 16.00Just 9 pence per day
    365 Days UK £ 28.00Just 8 pence per day

    Exchange Classifieds Pty Ltd (ABN 52 122 581 775) Tax Invoice. GST Free.

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    Bold Ads
    That's £300 you've saved me!

    I couldn't believe the response, advert placed Sunday PM, potential tenant called Monday AM, visited property, shook hands, took bond Monday Evening. WOW. That's £300 you've saved me!

    -Robert Symons
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